About Us

Customization! Customization!

Whatever your dream is when it comes to creating the prefect wedding atmosphere, designing elegant accessories for a special even, and promoting your business, we have you covered. 

We personalize signs, invitations, and accessories that will compliment your theme and colors on the day of your wedding or special event. We customize promotional products to assist with marketing or rebranding your business. We also design t-shirts for special occasions. 


 Dr. A.J.

I am the designer and owner of AnnieRose Design Studio, LLC

As a child I was always drawing, making doll clothes, shoes, and hats, so designing came natural for me. I am a seamstress by nature and have designed many items for my daughters and customers over the years. While holding a full time job and being a full time mother I made time to showcase my talents as a designer for my business, Gowns By Parrish. Because of my work schedule, college class schedule, and mom duties this business had to take a backstage so I decided to closed the business several years ago. I never gave up on my dream of restarting a business where I could utilize my talents. 

After working in higher education for 30 years and completing my doctorate degree in leadership I decided to focus on restarting my business. Accomplishing these goals have been rewarding and life changing.

This business launched in October 2021. I'm excited to see what opportunities and directions this new adventure will take me. I absolutely love it!

I believe that God has given me talents that I must use, after all, there is no time to waste. 

I'm retired, but not retired!

Thank you to my husband , Hugo, daughters, Ashley and Bianca, my immediate family, and friends for supporting my small business.